Monday, 19 October 2015

Mi Casa

My house is in Sunny Spain near Tarragona on the coast. I go between three and six times a year. Even thought it's Northern Spain the sun nearly always makes and appearence. I go every Easter and usually the last holiday of the year is early October. My sister has lived in Barcelona for 29 years so it's a great opportunity to get together as it's only 90 minutes away. The train only takes 85 minutes to the centre of Barcelona!

I'm the only Brit on this development. The airport which is Reus is 20/25 minutes drive.

The sun shines on the property all day as it's south facing. The garden is South/South West facing.
The pool in right in front of the garden gate. The kids swings are the other end of the pool - thankfully! It's nearly alway very quiet. However, I never go in the six weeks holidays. Well, not yet!

There are three trees; a huge fir tree and two others. I wish I knew what they were called. Here is my favourite one which is beautiful when the pink flowers are out. I also chose to plant a lemon tree which has so many flowers on it (April 2011). So I may get some fruit after 8 years.

Another fragrant 'must have' was the Jasmine. Which smelt divine at Easter. The red 'Bottlebrush' shrub looks small next to the patio table...but how it's grown! That trifid is a honeysuckle and it grows like mad!

It's not huge with just two bedrooms but there is a dining area that seats six. There's nothing like dining al fresco though. In fact, the dining table hardly ever gets used.

Interior has two sofas. Two large chests where I store all my stuff when I'm not there. No cable TV but there is a DVD player. Anyway who wants to watch TV?

I have a great pool. It's too cold at Easter but as the summer moves along it warms up. Here's Liz rescuing the umbrella after it blew away!

For the interior decoration I've gone for is African Colonial. However, it's difficult to get the idea from these photos. Flash bleaches out the mood! Of course, the plants faux but they would have to be really - who would water them?

I leave paints at the house. Still working on the picture below. As you can see the Bull Fight painting is done and on the wall now.

I love the fact the house has shutter on all the windows. It keeps the summer heat out. Great security too.

Lots of my friends have been over the years. There's quiet a selection of books now.

Tim came a couple of years ago and we went hiking in the mountains which are at the back ot the house. He's action man!

Here's Paul inebriated in the garden last year 2011. We played back gammon and he read! Also with Ian & Jake in Oct 2011. There are lots of Monestaries and religeous places of interest. We did lots of those.

Joanna and I riding horses on the very same mountains Tim and I hiked up. Gorgeous views.

Late summer 2009 Denzil, Tony and Paul came to stay. What fun that was playing Uno and drinking on the patio. Especially fun making a crown for my queen. The highlight being a day on the beach at Sitges. They came again in 2014.

This Easter 2011 my American friend Gerry was over to Spain to see his old ma' who lives in the neighbouring town Reus. We all went for dinner, he came to stay for the night and the following day we went to Mora, which is old stomping ground.

A few years ago now I went to my house with Miss (with camera). During the holiday we went to visit some friends who live down south near Valencia - Paul and James.

The Motley Crew; Liz, David T and Frances...probably the best laugh I've had with folks at my house. Hilarious.

Mr Neil A. caught me out with the sprinkler!

Other lovely friends that have enjoyed my house are Janet & James, Lorraine, James S, Stevie C, Leon, Rob and Annette, Rob and Sue, Hoxton John, Liz, Fareena, Myla, Gill, Charlie and James, Myla and D & Maud. 

Who wants to come next? lol

Big Hair

My hair is naturally curly and I have always enjoyed a gorgeous head of hair. Now it's not so thick but it's a beautiful natural blond. I have NEVER dyed/col;lured my hair once in my life. 

Smooth and sleek has alwasy been difficult for me to acheive. However, I love big hair and like it in all of his guises, from afro to powdered wigs.

Let's not forget what can be achieved with a wig or hair pieces. Just think Brigitte Bardot and you will have my perfect hair, something with a definate 60's vibe. Or way more elaborate and ornate!

A natural bristle brush can set you back nearly £50 for a large one. Shop around as bristle is best.

I had my first set of Carmen rollers 30 years ago. They were hard plastic then and not that great for hair, the new ones have definately progressed.

So, how do you get big hair? This tutorial will help!

Products needed: Styling products (for volume), pins, rollers, a brush, a hairdryer and hairspray.

1. Wash and blow dry hair straight-ish. Use a volumizing product for thin or normal hair at the roots only.  Also a moisturizing conditioner (for volume) for dry hair. Apply a styling product like a gel or mousse to the majority of the length and ends. Make sure the product you choose has a bit of hold.

 2. Divide the hair in parts and set it with rollers or hair clips. Or heated rollers. Make sure that the hair rolls are big enough (small ones will give it a permanent curl effect). It’s important to curl the hair strands inwards (like it is shown in the picture).

3. Spray the hair with a product for fixation (moderately).

4. Blow dry hair (make sure to use medium heat).

5. Take out the rollers and carefully straighten each strand with fingers towards the ends. Comb the hair slowly with fingers after all the clips are removed. You can tease the hair a bit in the crown or back of the head.

Have a great time creating some big, sexy hair styles.

This iconic hairspray should be in everyones kit.

Musical Loves

My musical loves include, the band Air. Whenever I go to my house in Spain It's the first sound track I put on. It seems to go perfectly with the sunshine. Then followed closely by Chill Bossa Mamma Mia. My friend Neil A. introduced me to this fabulous CD. It's full of Abba covers to the rhythm of the bossa nova.

This takes me right back to my early 20's and getting ready to go out, only to dance to this type of music all night. A CD of various artists – The Greatest 80's Soul Weekender (disc 1) via @lastfm.

There are loads of Northern Soul tracks that take me back to a time when I was sixteen and desperately in love with my first love Alan. He introduced me to his first love 'soul' music. This film show the dancers 15 years after Northern Soul was at it's height. The must all be about 30/35. 

Love all the tracks on Apollo 440 Dude Decending The Staircase - it's very eclectic. At the last minute I dropped it in my suitcase on a trip to Morocco. I loved all their albums, however, this was Apollo 440's fourth and last studio album. Taking its name from a neo-psycadelic painting by Ausgang, its acid funk influences couldn't be more apparent if they had a photo of George Clinton on the cover (which is proably why I like it). 
We embarked on a road trip across the Atlas Moiuntain and into the Sahara in a Mercades and there was the sounds track to many of the views. I also bought all the Budda Bar CD's in the Marrakesh souk. These turned me on to the talents of Craig Armstrong.

GRAVELANDS CD is Elvis Presley style covers of rock classics by Jimmy THE KING. Its great to play to unsuspecting dinner guests, the look of confusion has started many a conversation. The idea of Elvis who has died covering songs from other artists who have also died. The album opens with Nirvana's " Come as you are" with one of the best bass lines in history and the strange thing is that it works! We are then treated to a version of Joy Division's "Love will tear us apart". Genius.

My radio stations of choice are either Classical, Jazz or Chill FM. Classical is permanatly on in my kitchen. CHILL goes on when folks come over and we are chatting. Jazz when I feel nostalgic.

I ♥ Rubber

I love rubber! 

I was recently drawn to do some window shopping - latex style. It's a pure joy to compile all the rubber outfits I wished I owned. Starting with the most recent one I founds from Violaceous Latex.

D-vote make this below and what fun it would be.

I used to have one of these many many years ago from Robin at House of Harlot. It actually got burnt in a fire. Would love to own it again. This style is great for all those 'fat' moments. A night of sitting down. Hot Summer parties. Pregnancy!

I NEED this Breathless jacket. Maybe without the white piping as it limits a bit. Black.

Who wouldn't want these stockings by Bondinage. They would look great on my best feature :)

There is so much work involved in this Rubber55 hood. Would love it and a matching kilt.

This DeMask belt is very handy for those times you want to keep it minimal.

If I ever had something really whacky made I would go to Simon or Marnie Scarlet at Libidex. They're the King & Queen of Bizarre.

For pure sexy class I would like something made in semi-trans black latex by Atsuko Kudo.

You know what these Lady Lucie Latex leggings would look good with Breathless jacket.

This collar by Amstatik is a bargain for £48. You could add it to anything and it would look like you have a new outfit.

Don't know why I've never spotted this before! This Murray & Vern dress would look great with flat biker boots. Comfort and style.

Oh these Kaoris pants would go with that Breathless jacket too.