Sunday, 25 September 2016

Rubber Bears

These adorable bears are available from Debauchee Designs. However, they don't just make bear but accessories and restraints too. The bears are tactile and well stuffed!

The 'Rubber Cult' bear is HUGE and will be coming along to Rubber Cult with Miss Kim on October 8th 2016 to have his photo taken with all the wonderful rubberists.




Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Breathless Are The Best

I have been choosing Breathless UK Latex for my rubber for 10 years now and have never had an bad fitting garment. We work out the designs together and if Dolenta, the owner/designer,  thinks they will not look good, she will tell me.

It astounds me that folks send hundreds of pounds and euros across the internet without giving a thought for if the items will fit properly!

Why not go into the Breathless shop, located behind the British Library, where Dolenta will measure you and, if you are a stock size direct you to the rails of clothes. If you're an unusual size like me (top heavy), then she will take your measurements and make you something that fits like a dream. Your measurements will be keep forever and all you have to do is email what you want.

Breathless make both men's and women's latex wear. Dolenta will make suggestions for your body shape or if you have an idea in your head she will bring that to life.

My green dress above has HUGE puff sleeves, which are just as I requested. I have a thing about puff sleeves and have already got an idea for another design. 

I have hoods from Libidex, Rubber55 but none fit me as well as my Breathless hood does. I highly recommend them for fit. Here are just a few of my Breathless creations below.

Miss Kim by Rankin