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Radio Interview


Masocast are based in New York USA and this interview was recorded over the Christmas period 2014. I talk about my life and London's fetish party scene on Masocast.
Miss KIM x
"An English woman in New York"

Friday, 11 September 2015

CLUB RUB SWITCH/Gender Benders

June 2015 Review by Rufai

I love anything that crosses the gender-bending, role-reversing and 'skinny indie boys' dressed as bimbo girls are YUM - my favourite! Or lavish plus-sized girls suited and booted, looking like tomboy/hard butch dykes with a 9 o’clock shadow, I tremble and go weak at the knees. I love the queer, the strange and the convoluted. That is what I expected to find at Club RUB’s Gender-Bendering SWITCH night.

If there was a specifically themed gender bender night each month, I would be there every time. I love the concept of letting your hair down, or in my case putting my hair up or a wig on, and meeting other folks who love to do the same!

attended with a good friend, who I had played with a few times. She was ready to test out her newly acquired canes. Once restrained in the dungeon, I relaxed and started to  listen to the classic dance and disco tunes playing on the dance floor, just a few feet away. The play area is on a stage platform, so you are definitely a star attraction and all eyes on you. Great if your they exhibitionist type.’

There was something exhilarating about swaying my butt in time to the music and also being caned and flogged to the rhythm and beat of the dance tracks. As I came off the stage, after enjoying a two hour session on the flogging bench, (good job folks were generally warming up first few hours), I witnessed this other gentleman dressed in pink frilly knickers and a tight white nightgown, getting his balls flogged by a lady who just a few minutes ago had been winking at me! As my Domme friend gave me a good walloping  in time with the music we exchanged admiring glances.

I later met her and and another playful lady on the dance floor, I was wearing a bikini...but that wasn't going to slow my dance moves down! Feeling all GLAM #bitchez in my HOT pink bikini and gold chains. I thought I would class it up a bit with makeup, big gold rings, like I was a ghetto bikini clad LA, Long Beach girl. To my surprise, my outfit worked well and I was on the receiving end of lots of compliments that night - it was hit with the ladies. It definitely gave me a lot more confidence to attend another gender bender night. CLUB RUB was my first one!

From stepping in through the front door of the The Garage in Highbury & Islington,
and seeing Miss Kim in her pink fluffy outfit, as a ‘glammed up’ drag queen, and admiring every other gender bending outfit that night, I was in blissful heaven.

I immediately felt at ease with everyone who made an effort, which was pretty much everyone in the room and on the dance floor. Men would compliment each other on their outfits as they grabbed a drink from the bar, waddling back to the dance floor in their heels.

Just before leaving, in the changing rooms, a man was saying how astonished he was that he had managed to gracefully remain in his “stripper heels” for so long, the whole night in fact! He wondered whether maybe it was the alcohol that had helped him out, by not noticing the pain and awkwardness of the heels, or just maybe, he felt at ease at Club RUB’s Gender Bender night and it’s chilled atmosphere, that he could walk around unheeded and without inhibitions.
 He did have stunning legs I must point out as I admired him from a far.

Club RUB’s Gender Bender, SWTICH night was a right laugh, something you don't get to do often, and I am glad I made it down. Thank you Miss KIM for the invite and putting on such a glamorous and spectacular event!

I can't wait for the next themed night, it's so much fun to dress up!

Fetish gender benders, transvestities and drag queens are welcome any month.

Location: The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD. 

Club RUB “Putting the Fun Back Into Fetish Since 1996”

Dates for 2016:
Jan 23 Twins
Feb 20 Tartan and Kilts
Mar 19 Uniforms
Apr 23 19th Birthday - Animals
May 21 Dolls & Cuties
Jun 18 Red Hot Summer
July 16 TBA
Aug 13 Medical theme
Sep 10 TBA
Oct 15 Gothic Victorianna
Nov 12 Annual Rubber Awards
Dec 10 Christmas

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Metal Guru

Jon Harris has made quite a name for himself in his hometown of Oxford with his amazing copper corsets over the last few years. His designs were undeniably the highlight of the lingerie show at Oxford Fashion Week 2014. 

The most intriguing aspect of Jon is that he leads a double life. Handy man by day and couture designer night. He is worlds away from what is expected of a designer and yet he creates show stopping designs, exceeding all expectations.

Something so creative must mean that Jon had a background in fashion, but no he trained as an apprentice making prototype cars using old style metal shaping techniques. Soon after a job in the Formula One industry, working with carbon fibre materials. Later moved within the company working with the mechanical and hydraulic systems. 17 years later and having little time to himself he decided to change professions.

It started when he was helping a friend change his water tank. He said to Jon, “you may as well have this and make something”. Because of his fabrication skills, he thought of many things, but decided on something which would be a bit different and push some boundaries in fabrication. Working with a friend who was a model, she agreed to get involved in the process and that’s how it all started it off.

The lengthy production process starts with taking a body cast, to produce a torso pattern, then he sets about deciding upon the intricacies of the design. Each design is unique to the models body shape and he also takes into consideration the personality of the model. Then it’s a matter of where joints, fixings and extra curves are to be placed. All the parts are shaped by hand. They are test fitted on the pattern and joined prior to first fitting on the model. Everything is checked and the main parts finished off, the inside is lined and then it’s polished. It’s a time consuming process, but ensures a perfect skin-tight contoured fit. As a cast is made of the models body; the corset, although rigid, is relatively comfortable.

Every design is different, as every person is different, and each piece is a one-off. Jon will have concept in his head for a design. This is unique, as each model is different; a different waist profile, body length or bust size, plus no one is symmetrical. That’s where the engineering and fabrification skills made Jon the perfect designer to work in the amazing medium…copper!

Jon is organised and a perfectionist. He doesn’t relax until he gets the results he want. That’s what makes him different as he produces such amazing ‘polished’ work. Jon is not just a designer but an artist too, as these corset are truly - works of art. 

No website. Photo credit and review here.

John Galliano For Dior

The amazing designs of John Galliano for Dior. There is no denying, it is the work of a genius. He was sacked from Dior following an drunken antisemitic rant in 2011.

These dresses are fit for a queen...the Queen Of Clubs perhaps!

Slide show:

Latex Workshops Workshops came about because I took a lesson from a friend as I needed to learn, due to the fact myself and business partner Jojo were going to start a latex accessory company - Queen Latex.

We were taught how to cut, glue and construct latex. That made me think I should start my own workshop. Over the years, I have made a few bits and pieces. Mainly roughly cut up with a pair of sissors and cobbled together to make armbands, straps and cuffs.

So I know first hand what it's like to be a beginner. However, in just a few short months I had mastered it. As a result we created Queen Latex Accessories. Which has since been closed down.

I have been running the Latex Workshops since then. So you see, you can learn very quickly.

We all have different reasons for wanting to learn!

* Adding an accessory to an outfit is another great way of using your skills. Start small with something like a collar and then build up to larger items when you have the confidence.

* One of the huge plus points of working with rubber is being able to do your own repairs and alterations. Sometimes you just don't have the time to post the item back to the manufacturer. Plus you may feel it's too old and would just rather patch that hole yourself.

* You would make yourself the most popular slave in the world if you learnt this skill.

* With all the celebratites currently into latex, it seems like more and more fashion students are wanting to learn. It certianly beats having to overlock seams and cut on the grain!

* Fetishists who have interesting 'bondage' items they would like to realise.

* Cute and sexy divas who live for the next skimpy dress to embellish.

* Fashionistas looking to add bows and flounces to OTT outfits.

* Performers wanting to cut cost on costumes and also get something unique.

Whatever your reason, you learn all the basics in one afternoon.

I have worked hard over the years to bring you the best possible workshop and have perfected it with each one.

The decision to offer an apron was taken so that the workshop would flow and everyone works at the same pace. If everyone was to make different things it would be very disjointed. The colour choice enables you to make the apron you want. Maybe make something like this medical one. Each student gets a bag scraps, so adding embellishments is easy.
The Club RUB Latex Workshop is sponsored by Radical Rubber.

Some of the students work below.

White latex stockings and black suspender belt by Damien.

Another students apron. Site

All photos are Miss Kim from and wearing her favourite fetish item - HOODS. A selection of my photographs which are on All of these shots are by


Outfits and accessories are one of my passions. With a little bit of creativity you can stand out from the crowd.  

This Mexican Day of the Dead look was created with Club RUB's 14th Birthday event in mind which will take place in April 2011.

First I started with a black lycra hood. This one is the cheapest I've found.  Then I made a paper template by cutting out a basic shape and putting on the hood that I was wearing that way you can get a true idea of the size it needs to be and the position. I use a square of white felt which you can get from any craft supplier. Using a polystyrene head I pinned the cut-out skull-shape on the lycra hood and hand-sewn it into place.

Using a glue gun I stuck crystals in the teeth area. On the forehead, in between the eyes, I stuck a paper filigree heart that came off a Valentine's card my fella gave me.

The rose head garland was made using a wide plastic headband from any £1 shop. The red roses I got from a discount shop. Any high street has them. Or these roses. A hot glue gun is an absolute  'must-have' as it secures the roses in place instantly. I added crystals to the tips of the roses using Superglue. Alternatively you can add glitter glue to the tips of the roses.

Here are a few images to inspire.