Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Smell This!

What makes you think of the summer?

For me it’s the smell of a BBQ starting up, as the wood begins to burn.

Then the meat is added and it begins to smell delicious.

The smell of a freshly opened beer on a hot day

A gardners bonfire.

Suntan lotion.

Bacon and eggs on a campsite or in a cafe.

Freshly cut grass.

Sea air.

Roses in full bloom.

Mint tea, but mainly in Morocco.

Garden flowers like Jasmine.

The trees in Sonoma.

Fish and chips at the seaside, along with candy floss and the sweet smell of rock candy.

What are yours?

Friday, 17 June 2016

Positive Start

Being a very positive person really helps. Positivity is a key to getting things done. These ideas could save you time and perhaps make you more productive. Each day brings us new chances and opportunities; used in the right way it will give you a lot of freedom and power of choice.

As you wake do you get out of bed or press the snooze button on our alarm? Try not to as this can start a chain reaction. Generally the way we begin our day has an impact the rest of our day.

Start with motivation, optimism, and dedication and you will speed through important meetings, also plough through your ’to do’ list and end up with time on your hands. 

I live alone which helps with a stress free life. Stress will then impact your work and performance negatively. Find way to avoid this. We always know that negative energy, just like positive energy, could be transmitted from and to others easily. 

Here are a few tips to start the day that will end productive: 

1. Meditating

Some like to start the day in quiet contemplation. However, have you tried to do this at any time during the day? This breathing technique allows you to refocus. This exercise allows you to create a sense of comfort and peace.

2. Plan 

Planning is vital and should be done every day. Start with a to-do-list either on your computer, phone or paper, get your clothes ready and your bag, the night before. This preparation does not take a lot of  time and will save you a lot of stress the next morning.  

3. Productivity

Prioritise your work. Work tidy. Give yourself deadlines. A few things to help you get things done easily and effectively by not wasting so much time on any given job. Listen to music, sit in silence, aromatherapy helps. 

If any negative thoughts enter your mind get up and do another job, make a cuppa, this will help you think positively and have good energy. Smile. Random acts of kindness make you feel good, positivity = productivity.

4. Reading

Are you someone that tries to always be inspired through reading an inspirational text or video? It is never too late to start. This is really a great way to start off your day because inspiration is a very powerful tool that can help push us forward in life when we are in uncomfortable and undesirable positions. We are used to reading the news every morning, but that can be a sad way to begin the day. News is often filled with politics, bad events; more than the good ones. However, you can buy a few books that are inspiring and uplifting, or maybe just simply go online and read an inspirational quote or text and live by it. This is an amazing brain stimulus that puts you in a very good position for your day with positive thoughts and energy.

5. Smiling

Smiling could actually makes you look and feel younger. It's a fact. It can brighten your day. Are you used to smiling as soon as you get up and roll out of bed? Smiling is an incredible start to your day. Smiling does not only benefit you, but those around you. 

6. Tea

You don’t get over stimulated on tea - right? Keep coffee to a minimum.


Gratitude. Start your day by being grateful for everything you have. Say it out load and mean it. This helps you set clear intentions.

* Spend quality time with your family 
* See friends without interruptions
* Fun day shopping,
* Peaceful and calm day reading
* Active and lively day playing sports
* Taking a class and learning 
* Helping other

Whatever you choose make it happen and seize the day.

Don't underestimate the power of positive thoughts and how a different mind set can help you in life. 

Remember you are in control of your life, you pick your own thoughts and decide on your actions for the day...choose to feel mentally, physically, and emotionally positive.

8. Walking

Do you know how many hours sleep you need? Getting up early just means that you go to bed early enough to give you that many hours! Waking up early can have a positive impact on your day.  Early risers get to do their favourite activities; walking (yoga or a morning run), which release endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones that are produced with exercise. 

9.  Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important mean of the day. Start with protein or a complex carbohydrate like porridge. A good morning breakfast can set the tone for the day. But really, just eat the brain...feed it.

Whatever way you choose to start a positive day, these tips can help you depending on you and your personal interests. Do whatever makes you happy as this will lead to positive days. Experiment. We will never learn if we don't try. Improve your life. Today.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Eateries Of The World

This is an ongoing restaurants BLOG t(hat will never end), as I will just keep adding to it every time I go to another eatery.

On June 15th 2016 I went to Primeur at Barnes Motors 116 Petherton Road, London N5 2R with Greg. Nice lamb. Very small portion for £16.95. Interesting decor. Canonbury is very pretty and Petherton Road has a green central island. See in photo below. I would give it 6/10. I wouldn't return.

Went to Cinnamon Kitchen in Devonshire Terrace, Liverpool Street on July 18th. It was a birthday treat from my dear friend Phil, our birthdays are a day apart, so took the opportunity to celebrate together. 

I had originally thought it might just be another Indian restaurant...but no, it is exceptional. I had the lamb for £22, it was tender and beautifully cooked. I could taste every spice and it was just the right amount of heat. Perfect. A taste sensation. 

A chic contemporary restaurant for innovative Indian cooking influenced by classic British traditions. Address9 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YL.

Was taken to a very classy French restaurant called Galvin Bistrot de Luxe, in Baker Street W1 during August 2016. I had the veal which was £23 and nothing else. It was cooked really well and tasted amazing.

Went to Sofra in St. Christopher's Place, West End for lunch in November with an admirer. The restaurant smelt odd, a bit like a wet dog. I had the salmon on a bed of risotto, with veg. It tasted great. I wouldn't go again as it was grubby.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Fetish Factory Weekend 2016

I'd like to say I took loads of photos and will now show you them all, but in fact you spending most of the time recovering and then getting ready for the next party, there was very little time!

The Westin is beautiful four star hotel in the middle of Fort Lauderdale. It was a total hotel take-over weekend, so no worries about inappropriate conversations in the lobby, or looking like you were a super hero at breakfast, with kids running around.

We arrived on the Thursday night having arrived at the airport about 7pm, to be picked up by Rubber Megan with a sign saying 'Miss Kim'. Checked in to very loud 'industrial/goth music in the lobby. Not sure why. Unpacked. Megan, Pretty Painless and I went to eat in the hotel bar, a large Caesar Salad for me. Saw my friends Ted and Di in the bar. Then went up to the room and Mistress Inka arrived. They both went to party No 1 and I went to bed after what was near 24 hours awake!

Friday morning we went for breakfast about 11am (they kept it open till 2pm as the hotel was full of party people), a huge buffet style spread. It had every thing you would think of...all for $20 incl. tax and tip.  The four of us had an afternoon of chauffeur-driven shopping at Target, a liquor store and Fetish Factory shop. Rubber Megan supplied us with a cooler for the room, so we have somewhere to store our booze and snacks.

At the Fetish Factory store I bought a pair of rubber toe socks, two pairs of gorgeous tights and a shrug.

Party No 2 on Friday night was the by the pool, the heat comes down in the evening to a much more acceptable temperature! Waited ages to get a drink. Their were not enough lights around the pool. Couldn't see anyone! But still managed to have a fab time. Didn't stay up too late as I didn't want to over do it (like I did nine years ago).

Buffet breakfast at lunch time really sets you up for the day. Then a Bloody Mary by the pool. Saturday whizzed past. Soon it was time to get ready again and head down to the lobby to catch the coach to a venue 15 mins ride away. We were early, avoid the crowds is the best idea, so we got a drink easily and headed to the outdoor area (which was Florida very warm). Had some great conversations with an Australian couple and an Irish couple. I left the gals there and went back on the coach early. I bit too early really as it was empty. Still I found some people to talk to and watch the poolside after party fill up...then the sun came up! Dragged myself off to bed.

Sunday afternoon pool party came around too quick. I was ill prepared. Hungover to be precise! My saving grace was my charming friends who are regulars and knew to bring umbrellas, chairs and a cooler. They took pity on me and gave me a seat. Thanks Ted, Di and Mistress Dante Posh. I sat cocooned from the sun watching the pool fill up to the brim with latexes lovelies. I retired to the room for a nap and never woke up till the next morning. Thus missing the last official party on the Sunday evening.

On the Monday morning I rose bright and went for breakfast before meeting Ted, Di and Fucking Gerry in the lobby, only to be whisked off to their amazing home for food, drinks and fun. They live on a gated community for aircraft owners, as Ted has his owns plane. Oh how the other half live! They had work the next day so later Gerry drove their vehicle and we went back to Fort Lauderdale to the private 'wrap' party at  the home of Glenn and Donna. This is where the creme de la creme finished the weekend off nicely.

Our charming slave Rubber Megan was returning to the airport, on the Tuesday lunchtime, at a similar time as our departure, so we rounded off the weekend as we started the airport...saying hello and goodbye.

Glenn and Donna have been running this event for 21 years. In fact, we both started out as fetish event promoters the same year. They have been to Club RUB, however, it was many years ago. 

I would like to post some of the many photos that were taken of me over the weekend but when visiting the FF website, I was put off my having to go through a couple of thousand pictures. Shame as I would have like to see them :/

Miss Kim x #fetishdresscodeclub #rubberonlyclub #hoodonlysite