Monday, 22 February 2016

Wax Play Workshop

It's a journey through (almost) everything that you can do with wax! It has so many applications; fun, BDSM, creative,'s for everyone! Heavy on Health and Safety practices too.

The Wax Play Workshop is now a bi-monthly event, as of January 2016. The very first one took place in 2013 at the London Fetish Fair, then again at the LFF a year later in 2014. 

The first time it was conducted in a 'pay' format was in August 2015 at Sexhibition, when the numbers topped 44! 

The Sexhibition promoters have asked me to attend again this year, so the workshop will take place on Saturday August 20th. It's really worth trying to attend this as it's a little cheaper than my London workshop. Do to the fact that it's their gig and they already have the venue.

The next London Wax Play Workshop is located at The Garage on Monday April 4th at The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD. The class takes place from 7.30pm till approximately 9.30pm. Only £25 each. £10 deposit with £15 cash to pay on the night (No refunds. No transfers). Please bring a print-out of your booking or have it on your phone.




Even got a tiny mention in The Sun early 2016. Left hand column 'Wax On'!

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Excited beyond words, and after 27 years on the fetish scene you might not think you would ever hear me say anything like that!

Shouldn't I be old and jaded? Ready to hang up my thigh boots?

They don't call me the Queen Of Clubs for nothing.

So when lots of the UK fetish crowd are making there was to Europe for a fetish excursion, Germany in particular, I'm choosing to spend my hard earned cash on a sunnier option.

Why would you go to a country where there is a distinct possibility of rain (similar latitude to the UK)? After all it is likely will be grey and dreary. Why then would you not want go to Florida where the sun shines everyday! The FETISH FACTORY’S 21 ANNIVERSARY FETISH WEEKEND on May 26th to May 30th is amazing.

I went seven years ago and had the best time ever! Around that time I also went to fetish events in Paris, San Francisco and Montreal. None were a patch on the Fetish Factory party.

Apart from the sunshine which just makes you so happy, as soon as you arrive, the people are young (some 'at heart') and sexy.

It's a total, hotel take-over. However, seven years ago it wasn't. There were regular folks walking around the hotel, with random weird fetish people getting starred at...ha! This time 'we are all in it together'. I think I need a rubber dressing-gown to go down to breakfast...joking!

America is the land of service and hospitality, plus they speak English (well sort of), so everything runs smoothly.

The rooms are huge with two twin-beds. We have a spare bed in our room so we are looking for a single or a couple to take the other bed. It's one price - cheap. The rooms are sooooooooo cheap. Unbelievable!

We are flying Virgin Airlines and the cost was £650 each out of Heathrow.

Amazingly you get eight parties, over four days with transport, for only $150 (£110). Can you imagine going to a party and a coach pulls up outside your home and picks you up? Then at the end of the night it takes you back home! And that's all included in the price.

We arrive the evening of the Thursday May 26th. I think a trip to the Fetish Factory shop on the Friday daytime (plus the liquor store) and a disco nap. Let's hope the bar do a mean Bloody Mary...gosh, the yanks know how to make the best ones.

I'm already starting to think about what to wear....something for on the Thursday (if we are not too late), Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday pool party, Sunday night...erm...I think I've missed some out!?

Looking forward to seeing some of my old friends; Emma, Fucking Gerry, Andrew, Glenn and Donna.

Miss KIM x

Friday, 5 February 2016

Trips 2016

I love going away, even if it's just the UK. My first trip of 2016 was in January to Lincolnshire, to see my old ma and pa. They live quite close to Skegness but in a very small village that doesn't have a pub, shop or a Post Office!

Spain in April at Easter with my lovely friend Bella was glorious. My sister came to stay a couple of nights.

Another unscheduled trip to see my folks as my mother was sick, at the end of April. So I dropped everything and went to help. She soon got better when I arrived.

Mid May in the Cotswolds was glorious. Everything had burst into life and the sun shone both days. I went to see my friends Janet and James. They moved there August 2015 from London. Beautiful stone home with a fantastic view.

Lunch on the Sunday in Tetbury in a beautiful garden cafe.

I attended the Florida Fetish Factory Memorial Day Weekend at the end of May, staying at the Westin Hotel for six nights with my adorable friend Pretty Painless. It was all party, party, party. See my BLOG.

Went to my sisters wedding in late June as she got married on July 1st. My folks and I spent time with her and her partner at my Spanish home for a week before.

Wonderful to spend quality time with my folks before the wedding. My brother and his son Henry came for the wedding only!

In July went to Vichey in France to the home of Steve English (he started Demask 30 years ago), which is a beautiful 10 bed chateaux which stands at the top of a hill over looking the beautiful grounds and woods (500+ year old trees).

He has a huge fetish party in the grounds, with a hog roast and bar to entertain the creme de la creme of the European fetish scene.

Middle of August I went to Manchester with my Wax Play Workshop at Sexhibition. Was great to see lots of familiar faces as there were parties over two nights. Best selling Workshop again. Been invited back for 2017. Stayed at the Victoria Warehouse Hotel.

In early September I had my final visit to my second home in Spain with my lovely friend Liz, Frances and Cindie. We went to see the human castles competition in Tarragona. Had my first Chartrusse. Now I love this herbal drink ;) Brilliant laughs on the patio and around the pool.

Another visit to the folks in November, as I don't visit at Christmas. Another trip planned however, for early in January 2017.