Monday, 12 December 2016

You Can't Please All The People

I've been running fetish events every month for nearly 22 years. Sometimes, you just can’t please some people! LOL And you most certainly can’t please all people, all the time.

Below are some of those common comments:

1.  Temperature

“Too hot! We’re melting!” says half those dancing, while the other half sit shivering.

Unless every single attendee stands still all night, you’ll never get this one right.

2. Too Much Going On

Yet most folks still don’t join in, but are happy to sit chatting. They complain they can’t be in two places at once. Of course, if you had less content, they’d complain about the lack of content and options too.

3. Volume

Whether it’s too loud and causes reverb around the room, or too quiet, there’s just no winning.

4. Content

Whether you’re pushing boundaries or playing it safe, someone is going to feel you’ve gone too far in one direction or the other.

5. Numbers

Getting the right number of people at your events is a tough task.

Too few, and there’s no atmosphere, with those who have turned up disappointed at the turnout; too many and it’s a cattle-market, with big queues for everything and frustrated attendees everywhere.

6. Times

We all run on different body clocks, as event timings are a prime cause of consternation. Perhaps you’re organising to start at 8.30pm? Too early! 10.30pm? Too late!

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter how early you finish, people will book their taxis before the end, ensuring the venue emptying.

7. Communication

Communication is key to a lot of things: a happy marriage; a high performing job; well informed attendees.

Yet somehow, no one reads the information. The really frustrating thing is that no number of emails, texts, public announcements or messages written in the sky, will get your message across to them.

They’ll turn up and ask "what’s planned"? Or bring the wrong ticket. Or go to the wrong venue…the list is endless. Then who’s to blame? You, of course!

8. Price

You know that you’ll never get price right for everyone, even when it’s a free event…"and should have charged"! Whether you charge a lot, a little or nothing at all, you can rest assured the price will never be right for everyone.

9. Catering

Try never to offer food. It’s a minefield!

10. Location, location, location

If only you could choose ANY venue for your event!

Just a few of the things promoters have to contend with…availability? Price constraints? In town or further out? Bar? Facilities? Close to hotels? Transport services? And the list goes on...


If you do your best and are mindful of what you can achieve…you will have hopefully pleased one set of attendees, only to find the rest are now less than impressed…just remember, do your best!

Or alternatively you could just copy what some other promoter has spent a life time to achieve. LOL

Apparently event planning is the 5th most stressful job in the world. Those who make a successful career out of it really are heroes for putting in so much effort, often behind the scenes, to keep so many people happy.

Well, I don’t know about that! I just LOVE what you do…I don’t just do it for the money! Hell…what money!!!

Miss KIM x

PS Not to mention keep the venue happy!!!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Wild Beach

I was just thinking, where is my favourite place? I used to say it was Sonoma Valley in Northern California, just north of San Francisco. When asked why, I said, because it smells amazing. It's got lots of trees and is hilly. Anyway, it's been years since I was last there, which is a shame.

My new-ish favourite place is the wild beach at the Delta Ebro on Spain's Costa Durada. The river Ebro starts in the mountains and flows out into the sea from the  Delta Ebro

I have own a home in that area for 14 years and it's only really been in recent years that I have discovered it's beauty and charm. It's a really long beach (the thin bit above that links the land masses), I would say a couple of miles long and what is so unique about it, is how the channels in around the back of the beach (Trabucador) and you get, what Americans would call a panhandle. The waves on the costal side are uninterrupted and on a very even flat bit of coastline. I hate walking into the sea and all of a sudden it drops away. Here you can walk out into the sea a long way before you are submerged, out of your depth.

It's one of those places that you will never have heard of, as it's not a tourist destination. There are never that many people there and we always go to the furthest point you can drive too, then walk a little further. It's nice to choose either the peace and quite, or take the bluetooth speaker and blast out the music, knowing that you will not annoy anyone. We make camp close to the shoreline so it's easy to run in, and out. From June the water is always warm. Sometimes it feels like bath water. Sometimes the waves are high and it's fun to jump through them. Other times is flat and calm, like a mill pond.

The sun shines and we have a picnic. There are no shops, bars or toilets at the wild beach. You take everything with you (and take everything away, when you go).

Part of the excitement is the journey there, once you turn off the main road and head into the delta, it's very flat and fertile, which is why they grown rice there. Yes rice - Paella needs rice. There are mile upon mile of paddy fields.

Plus all the wonderful wildlife, like Stork and Heron, that goes with them. Once you get throughout the fields of rice and are close to the beach, there are 1,000's of Flamingo birds.

Another attraction to this area is the kite surfing and wind surfing, as the water in the estuary only comes up to your knees. Perfect for getting back on again.  It's a really safe place to let small children play in the water, as there are not tidal waves and currents  to sweep them away.

After 8pm you are allowed to fish off-the-coast but not before as folks will be swimming in the sea and you wouldn't want to catch one of them!

In the middle on the summer you can quite happily sit on the beach till 8pm, as everything is still beautifully warm. The journey home is only an hour.

So, it's probably one of my most favourite places in the world.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Rubber Bears

These adorable bears are available from Debauchee Designs. However, they don't just make bear but accessories and restraints too. The bears are tactile and well stuffed!

The 'Rubber Cult' bear is HUGE and will be coming along to Rubber Cult with Miss Kim on October 8th 2016 to have his photo taken with all the wonderful rubberists.




Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Breathless Are The Best

I have been choosing Breathless UK Latex for my rubber for 10 years now and have never had an bad fitting garment. We work out the designs together and if Dolenta, the owner/designer,  thinks they will not look good, she will tell me.

It astounds me that folks send hundreds of pounds and euros across the internet without giving a thought for if the items will fit properly!

Why not go into the Breathless shop, located behind the British Library, where Dolenta will measure you and, if you are a stock size direct you to the rails of clothes. If you're an unusual size like me (top heavy), then she will take your measurements and make you something that fits like a dream. Your measurements will be keep forever and all you have to do is email what you want.

Breathless make both men's and women's latex wear. Dolenta will make suggestions for your body shape or if you have an idea in your head she will bring that to life.

My green dress above has HUGE puff sleeves, which are just as I requested. I have a thing about puff sleeves and have already got an idea for another design. 

I have hoods from Libidex, Rubber55 but none fit me as well as my Breathless hood does. I highly recommend them for fit. Here are just a few of my Breathless creations below.

Miss Kim by Rankin

Monday, 29 August 2016

Artist C.A. Halpin

One of my lovely admirers commissioned these two drawings from an amazing artist called C.A. Halpin. All he had to do was send in some of the photos he liked (I think he stole these from Fetlife) and she did all the rest. It was a belated birthday present.

I have since talked to the artist Cate and she is happy to do an artworks for a websites, birthdays, anniversary, declarations of love etc! The drawings are very affordable and range in price depending upon the intricacy of the finished picture.

Prices upon application.


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Fetish Web Mistress - The Expert

Miss May aka DirtyDollBaby is the Fetish Web Mistress.  Established for 15 years, she offers a bespoke service for web design, graphic design and photography. Mostly for the global Fetish, BDSM and erotic industry. Based in France, her clientele are mainly in London, UK and as far away as Sydney, Australia.
Designing and creating blogs, online stores, portfolios and subscription based websites. Her clients range; event organisers, publishing companies, independent photographers, models and retail designers. Plus the development of brand identity and SEO techniques. Experience with crowd funding campaigns and social media marketing.
Miss May has a real interest for alternative cultures and is very creative herself. Her biggest passion is photography, check out her blog and the rest of the website.
During the Summer of 2016, Miss May and I, found ourselves as guests, in the chateaux of DeMask founder - Steve English. His wonderful home is in the south of France and was our background for an impromptu shoot. These photos are the result of our first shoot together and I am delighted with them.

Visit for more information:
Miss May and I share a mutual love for hoods and a couple of years ago she helped me re-launch my old website, which we now run together.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Now Is The Summer Of Our Discontent

Not really known a year like it for major events! Shockers!

Gay nightclub shooting

Trump running for office


Labour leadership race

Police slaughter in Dallas USA

Conservative resignation and appointment of the new Prime Minister

Nice slaughter

Turkish military coupe

Nice lorry slaughter

USA presidential campagne

Japanese man kills 19 disabled

Terrorist kills priest in France


Trump gets elected

Blind Mystic Who Predicted 9/11 Has Some Terrible News About 2016 - Source:

Do you remember this blind mystic from Bulgaria who managed to predict both 9/11 and ISIS?
If you haven’t heard of her before, she goes by the name of Baba Vanga and has a pretty horrible prediction for 2016. Vanga actually died in 1996 at the age of 85, but during her life she made hundreds of predictions and boasts an 85% success rate. This earned her the title of the ‘Nostradamus from the Balkans’.

Back in 1950 she managed to predict global warming, that was way before anyone knew that was it was a thing. She said “cold regions will become warm … and volcanoes will awaken”.

Vanga actually has a group of followers (disciples) and they claim that she also predicted the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. She apparently said a ‘huge wave’ would land on a “big coast, covering people and towns and [causing] everything to disappear under the water”.

It was 1989 when she predicted what would happen in New York on 9/11. She claimed that the ‘American brethren’ would be attacked by ‘two steel birds’

Unbelievably she also managed to predict that the 44th president of the United States would be an African American. However she also said the he would be the last president the country ever had, that’s a seriously chilling thought. Although if Trump gets in, he’s more of an alien, so she’d be half right there. He will probably attempt to create a dictatorship… watch this space.

An even scarier prediction Vagna made was that 2016 would be the year that European civilisation would cease to exist. She claimed that it would be invaded by Muslim terrorists who would “use chemical warfare against Europeans.”

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. With her success rate we only have a 15% chance of survival, so I suggest we fill 2016 full of sex, drugs and booze. If by some small chance we do survive, at least it will have been a bloody good year. Taken from viral

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Smell This!

What makes you think of the summer?

For me it’s the smell of a BBQ starting up, as the wood begins to burn.

Then the meat is added and it begins to smell delicious.

The smell of a freshly opened beer on a hot day

A gardners bonfire.

Suntan lotion.

Bacon and eggs on a campsite or in a cafe.

Freshly cut grass.

Sea air.

Roses in full bloom.

Mint tea, but mainly in Morocco.

Garden flowers like Jasmine.

The trees in Sonoma.

Fish and chips at the seaside, along with candy floss and the sweet smell of rock candy.

What are yours?

Friday, 17 June 2016

Positive Start

Being a very positive person really helps. Positivity is a key to getting things done. These ideas could save you time and perhaps make you more productive. Each day brings us new chances and opportunities; used in the right way it will give you a lot of freedom and power of choice.

As you wake do you get out of bed or press the snooze button on our alarm? Try not to as this can start a chain reaction. Generally the way we begin our day has an impact the rest of our day.

Start with motivation, optimism, and dedication and you will speed through important meetings, also plough through your ’to do’ list and end up with time on your hands. 

I live alone which helps with a stress free life. Stress will then impact your work and performance negatively. Find way to avoid this. We always know that negative energy, just like positive energy, could be transmitted from and to others easily. 

Here are a few tips to start the day that will end productive: 

1. Meditating

Some like to start the day in quiet contemplation. However, have you tried to do this at any time during the day? This breathing technique allows you to refocus. This exercise allows you to create a sense of comfort and peace.

2. Plan 

Planning is vital and should be done every day. Start with a to-do-list either on your computer, phone or paper, get your clothes ready and your bag, the night before. This preparation does not take a lot of  time and will save you a lot of stress the next morning.  

3. Productivity

Prioritise your work. Work tidy. Give yourself deadlines. A few things to help you get things done easily and effectively by not wasting so much time on any given job. Listen to music, sit in silence, aromatherapy helps. 

If any negative thoughts enter your mind get up and do another job, make a cuppa, this will help you think positively and have good energy. Smile. Random acts of kindness make you feel good, positivity = productivity.

4. Reading

Are you someone that tries to always be inspired through reading an inspirational text or video? It is never too late to start. This is really a great way to start off your day because inspiration is a very powerful tool that can help push us forward in life when we are in uncomfortable and undesirable positions. We are used to reading the news every morning, but that can be a sad way to begin the day. News is often filled with politics, bad events; more than the good ones. However, you can buy a few books that are inspiring and uplifting, or maybe just simply go online and read an inspirational quote or text and live by it. This is an amazing brain stimulus that puts you in a very good position for your day with positive thoughts and energy.

5. Smiling

Smiling could actually makes you look and feel younger. It's a fact. It can brighten your day. Are you used to smiling as soon as you get up and roll out of bed? Smiling is an incredible start to your day. Smiling does not only benefit you, but those around you. 

6. Tea

You don’t get over stimulated on tea - right? Keep coffee to a minimum.


Gratitude. Start your day by being grateful for everything you have. Say it out load and mean it. This helps you set clear intentions.

* Spend quality time with your family 
* See friends without interruptions
* Fun day shopping,
* Peaceful and calm day reading
* Active and lively day playing sports
* Taking a class and learning 
* Helping other

Whatever you choose make it happen and seize the day.

Don't underestimate the power of positive thoughts and how a different mind set can help you in life. 

Remember you are in control of your life, you pick your own thoughts and decide on your actions for the day...choose to feel mentally, physically, and emotionally positive.

8. Walking

Do you know how many hours sleep you need? Getting up early just means that you go to bed early enough to give you that many hours! Waking up early can have a positive impact on your day.  Early risers get to do their favourite activities; walking (yoga or a morning run), which release endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones that are produced with exercise. 

9.  Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important mean of the day. Start with protein or a complex carbohydrate like porridge. A good morning breakfast can set the tone for the day. But really, just eat the brain...feed it.

Whatever way you choose to start a positive day, these tips can help you depending on you and your personal interests. Do whatever makes you happy as this will lead to positive days. Experiment. We will never learn if we don't try. Improve your life. Today.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Eateries Of The World

This is an ongoing restaurants BLOG t(hat will never end), as I will just keep adding to it every time I go to another eatery.

On June 15th 2016 I went to Primeur at Barnes Motors 116 Petherton Road, London N5 2R with Greg. Nice lamb. Very small portion for £16.95. Interesting decor. Canonbury is very pretty and Petherton Road has a green central island. See in photo below. I would give it 6/10. I wouldn't return.

Went to Cinnamon Kitchen in Devonshire Terrace, Liverpool Street on July 18th. It was a birthday treat from my dear friend Phil, our birthdays are a day apart, so took the opportunity to celebrate together. 

I had originally thought it might just be another Indian restaurant...but no, it is exceptional. I had the lamb for £22, it was tender and beautifully cooked. I could taste every spice and it was just the right amount of heat. Perfect. A taste sensation. 

A chic contemporary restaurant for innovative Indian cooking influenced by classic British traditions. Address9 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YL.

Was taken to a very classy French restaurant called Galvin Bistrot de Luxe, in Baker Street W1 during August 2016. I had the veal which was £23 and nothing else. It was cooked really well and tasted amazing.

Went to Sofra in St. Christopher's Place, West End for lunch in November with an admirer. The restaurant smelt odd, a bit like a wet dog. I had the salmon on a bed of risotto, with veg. It tasted great. I wouldn't go again as it was grubby.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Fetish Factory Weekend 2016

I'd like to say I took loads of photos and will now show you them all, but in fact you spending most of the time recovering and then getting ready for the next party, there was very little time!

The Westin is beautiful four star hotel in the middle of Fort Lauderdale. It was a total hotel take-over weekend, so no worries about inappropriate conversations in the lobby, or looking like you were a super hero at breakfast, with kids running around.

We arrived on the Thursday night having arrived at the airport about 7pm, to be picked up by Rubber Megan with a sign saying 'Miss Kim'. Checked in to very loud 'industrial/goth music in the lobby. Not sure why. Unpacked. Megan, Pretty Painless and I went to eat in the hotel bar, a large Caesar Salad for me. Saw my friends Ted and Di in the bar. Then went up to the room and Mistress Inka arrived. They both went to party No 1 and I went to bed after what was near 24 hours awake!

Friday morning we went for breakfast about 11am (they kept it open till 2pm as the hotel was full of party people), a huge buffet style spread. It had every thing you would think of...all for $20 incl. tax and tip.  The four of us had an afternoon of chauffeur-driven shopping at Target, a liquor store and Fetish Factory shop. Rubber Megan supplied us with a cooler for the room, so we have somewhere to store our booze and snacks.

At the Fetish Factory store I bought a pair of rubber toe socks, two pairs of gorgeous tights and a shrug.

Party No 2 on Friday night was the by the pool, the heat comes down in the evening to a much more acceptable temperature! Waited ages to get a drink. Their were not enough lights around the pool. Couldn't see anyone! But still managed to have a fab time. Didn't stay up too late as I didn't want to over do it (like I did nine years ago).

Buffet breakfast at lunch time really sets you up for the day. Then a Bloody Mary by the pool. Saturday whizzed past. Soon it was time to get ready again and head down to the lobby to catch the coach to a venue 15 mins ride away. We were early, avoid the crowds is the best idea, so we got a drink easily and headed to the outdoor area (which was Florida very warm). Had some great conversations with an Australian couple and an Irish couple. I left the gals there and went back on the coach early. I bit too early really as it was empty. Still I found some people to talk to and watch the poolside after party fill up...then the sun came up! Dragged myself off to bed.

Sunday afternoon pool party came around too quick. I was ill prepared. Hungover to be precise! My saving grace was my charming friends who are regulars and knew to bring umbrellas, chairs and a cooler. They took pity on me and gave me a seat. Thanks Ted, Di and Mistress Dante Posh. I sat cocooned from the sun watching the pool fill up to the brim with latexes lovelies. I retired to the room for a nap and never woke up till the next morning. Thus missing the last official party on the Sunday evening.

On the Monday morning I rose bright and went for breakfast before meeting Ted, Di and Fucking Gerry in the lobby, only to be whisked off to their amazing home for food, drinks and fun. They live on a gated community for aircraft owners, as Ted has his owns plane. Oh how the other half live! They had work the next day so later Gerry drove their vehicle and we went back to Fort Lauderdale to the private 'wrap' party at  the home of Glenn and Donna. This is where the creme de la creme finished the weekend off nicely.

Our charming slave Rubber Megan was returning to the airport, on the Tuesday lunchtime, at a similar time as our departure, so we rounded off the weekend as we started the airport...saying hello and goodbye.

Glenn and Donna have been running this event for 21 years. In fact, we both started out as fetish event promoters the same year. They have been to Club RUB, however, it was many years ago. 

I would like to post some of the many photos that were taken of me over the weekend but when visiting the FF website, I was put off my having to go through a couple of thousand pictures. Shame as I would have like to see them :/

Miss Kim x #fetishdresscodeclub #rubberonlyclub #hoodonlysite

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Robert Mapplethorpe Film

Look at the pictures in the first definitive, feature-length film portrait of the controversial American artist and photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe since his death from AIDS in 1989. 

I remember seeing the fetish images in the late 80’s and early 90’s and wasn’t shocked by them, as I was already involved in the fetish scene at that time. However, knowing that the world knew nothing of these perversions, I was amazed at his bravery, for making what I believed to be a very private scene, public!

It struck me that his life and his art were one and the same. It in fact, documented his life, lovers and passions/perversions. The intimate and candid revelations from family, friends and lovers, show us the real Mapplethorpe. This no-holes-barred film is a series of rediscovered, never before heard interviews, making it a unique portrait of an artist who made us, sit up and pay attention about his photography. From fine art with a bold vision to those BDSM images that ignited a nation in disgust. 

Robert Mapplethorpe was born in 1946 in Floral Park, Queens. Of his childhood he said, "I come from suburban America. It was a very safe environment and it was a good place to come from in that it was a good place to leave.” 

In 1963, Mapplethorpe enrolled at Pratt Institute in nearby Brooklyn, where he studied drawing, painting, and sculpture. Influenced by artists such as Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp, he also experimented with various materials in mixed-media collages, including images cut from books and magazines. 

I really all started when he acquired a Polaroid camera in 1970 and began producing his own photographs to incorporate into the collages, saying he felt "it was more honest.” I remember is the 80’s when, I myself had a Polariod, they were liberation, creative and instant! 

That same year he and Patti Smith, whom he had met three years earlier, moved into the Chelsea Hotel. I hadn’t know this previously and it struck me how alike they were, like a mirror image of each other.

In 1973, the Light Gallery in New York City mounted his first solo gallery exhibition, "Polaroids." Two years later he acquired a Hasselblad medium-format camera and began shooting his circle of friends and acquaintances—artists, musicians, socialites, pornographic film stars, and members of the S & M underground. He also worked on commercial projects, creating album cover art for Patti Smith and Television and a series of portraits and party pictures for Interview Magazine. 

Probably the period I know him best from is the late 70s, when he was documenting the New York S&M scene. In fact, there was no exploitation going on...he was getting involved nightly, ‘a regular' at the infamous Mineshaft, a hardcore S&M club. The resulting photographs were shocking at the time, as seen at the beginning of the from as a senator calls the images to be banned. The content was controvertial and at the same time, remarkable for technical and formal mastery. Mapplethorpe told ARTnews in late 1988, "I don't like that particular word 'shocking.' I'm looking for the unexpected. I'm looking for things I've never seen before … I was in a position to take those pictures. I felt an obligation to do them." Meanwhile his career continued to flourish. 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Mapplethorpe met Lisa Lyon, the first World Women's Bodybuilding Champion, in 1980. Over the next several years they collaborated on a series of portraits and figure studies, a film, and the book, Lady, Lisa Lyon.  Funny how, at the time I felt thses photos were very fetishistic too.

Throughout the 80s, Mapplethorpe produced many images that simultaneously challenge and adhere to classical aesthetic standards: stylized compositions of male and female nudes, delicate flower still lifes, and studio portraits of artists and loads of celebrities, to name a few of his preferred genres. 

That same year, in 1986, he was diagnosed with AIDS. Despite his illness, he accelerated his creative efforts, broadened the scope of his photographic inquiry, and accepted increasingly challenging commissions. The Whitney Museum of American Art mounted his first major American museum retrospective in 1988, one year before his death in 1989. I had been on the scene one year at the time of his death. I can't remember when I first heard about him or indeed if I was aware of his death, but back then we had no internet, it was down to books, magazines and word-of-mouth to teach you what you needed to know about fetish history.

It’s debatable if his vast, provocative, and powerful body of work has established him as one of the most important artists of the twentieth century. Well, it has for me, as it has touched my life and brings meaning to what I do, as an active member of the BDSM fetish community in the UK.

Today his work, his legacy, lives on through the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. He established the Foundation in 1988 to promote photography, support museums that exhibit photographic art, and to fund medical research in the fight against AIDS and HIV-related infection.

I’ve just bought Mapplethorpe Robert: Pictures by Robert Mapplethorpe cant wait for it to arrive.

I’ve just bought Mapplethorpe DVD is £9.99
Released on 25 July 2016. Pre-order now.
Duration: 108 mins
Director: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato
Country: US
Certificate: 18
Genre: Documentary

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Candle Wax, Piss And Hood Stories

Written for Miss Kim by an anonymous slave, who gave permission for them to be used (at her discretion). They are purely fictional.


As i go to sleep i will dream, i will fantasize what it would be like to be at Mistress Kim's keep. i will dream that The Mistress will lock me inside a cage to sleep. She will lovingly place a big candle on my chest. Light it up and tell me "dear slave, your Mistress wants to see all of this candle melted on your chest tomorrow when She comes to wake you up! You must be covered in wax. Think of it as your Domina's loving embrace, while you sleep. Think of it as my cum, my seed being planted on your soul... Take with pleasure this gift from Mistress Kim to you, my slave"

i will dream of my obedience and how as the candle melts and spill on my chest, my nipples, my belly button how this white fluid represents Mistress Kim's love. How it is warm and searing in my skin, marking Mistress Kim's ownership of Her slave, Her property, Her plaything... to be used at Her discretion 

i will dream how in the morning when i wake to see the imposing figure of The Mistress hovering over me, happy, satisfied to see the servant's compliance, Her submissive's surrender, Her slave's devotion as The Mistress will see me covered in Her cum, in Her gift to me, Her warm embrace.

To serve Mistress Kim is its own reward.


The Mistress has tied me to the cross. i'm inverted, upside down. i can feel the rush of blood coming to my head. It's initially a rush that feels warm to my senses. i can feel my heart beating a mile a minute in anticipation. How will i serve The Mistress today. 

The Mistress is dressed in leather from head to toe. High heels that are high as heaven and i can smell Her perfume.

The Mistress inserts a tube in my mouth and orders "You will drink this whole, regardless of being upside down and you will not spill a drop, do you understand?", yes Mistress, i comply. At the other end of the tube there is a funnel. It's at this point i see my nemesis enter the room... Mistress Ana is completely naked and coming my way. Mistress Ana is the preferred disciple of Mistress Kim and is being instructed in the ways of domination. She is cruel and mean. 

At this point Mistress Ana has placed the funnel in Her hairy pubic area and proceeds to relieve Herself. i can feel the deluge of Her urine come barreling into my mouth. It's drowning me, as i struggle to swallow due to my inverted position. i can hear them laughing and Mistress Ana says... "Not a drop you pig"... i struggle to swallow that salty liquid, dark yellow full of Her. 

Now i see Mistress Kim opening the zipper of Her leather outfit and doing the same. Relieving Her magnificent self in me. Mistress Kim's urine is sweet, no doubt aspartame was part of the drinks consumed in preparation to this event and Her urine was lighter in color. i am about to explode. As i hear the command "not a single drop!", yes Mistress Kim, Your servant is here to obey...

Then the fun really begins, as curiously enough this cross i am tied to is special. It can spin, and that it does! my tormentors make it spin at ever faster speeds... i am in agony, full of their golden gift... Nausea is setting in. 

Fortunately the spinning stops...

i am inverted again and see They have brought a number of candles into the room. Red ones, yellow, purple, blue... All sorts of colors, shapes and sizes.

Mistress Ana forces the tip of a long, purple candle into my mouth and asks me to lick it, only so She can insert it in my asshole. Meanwhile Mistress Kim places very thick white candles at the soles of my feet and orders "do not let them drop!", yes Mistress Kim, i reply. Mistress Ana has tied a blue candle to the base of my otherwise diminished manhood.

There are plenty of candles left, i see. This is when They begin an elaborate art project, for, much like Pollock they start waving the remaining candles and spilling the hot wax on my naked body. Each spray feels like i'm being whipped with a fiery belt. In comes the red wax, splash of the blue, drops of the yellow... i am Their canvas, the product of Their elaborate art project, while the white wax burns my feet and the purple, my butt

What a day!

The only pleasure is to Serve Mistress Kim.


Mistress Kim awakens me to say "you are nothing but My servant, do you hear?", yes Mistress Kim. "you have no identity other than that, do you understand?", yes Mistress Kim. She then proceeds to open the cage were i sleep naked, but for the melting candles that burn me through the night, so i can squeeze out, crawling on all fours...

As The Mistress said that, She started wrapping my head inside a black leather hood. It had straps covering the ears, the eyes and it had a gag ball appended inside. The mask had small holes to let me breathe. Mistress Kim inserted my head inside the hood, making sure the ball gag was firmly inserted in my mouth. She then proceeded to close the zipper in the back and fasten the multiple straps to isolate me from the world.

It was a strange sensation. i felt somewhat claustrophobic and disoriented and then panic set in, for i could not hear or see anything. How would i comply with The Mistress? Punishment today was guaranteed! 

It was nerve wracking not to be able to see, as i crawled on my knees, led by The Mistress, who joyfully pulled me with a chain by my collar. Mistress Kim enjoyed my situation as She led me up the stairs. i imagined She laughed at my poor attempts going up the steps, how i hit myself against the wall. 

i felt so alone. Not of this world, completely isolated, loosing all sensation and connection to the world. The Mistress was right, i was nothing, i was no one...but Her play thing, Her pet.

Her voice, thundering and an ever presence in my life could not be heard, so i was not surprised to be spanked many times throughout the whole ordeal. Since i was deaf, i was alone with my thoughts and my fears, without Her words of wisdom, of encouragement. The servant missed The Mistress's voice so much.

The smell of leather was intoxicating. It permeated my lungs as i breathed. And every so often i would panic with fear of asphyxia. Every time i would inhale, the leather mask would stick to my face, to my nose, giving me the feeling of a plastic bag covering my head.

The hood felt really tight, really warm, i could feel my head simmering in my own sweat, the moisture getting in my eyes and down the back of my head... An itching sensation i could not scratch.  i could feel my ears burning from the friction with the hood. Due to its thickness i felt somewhat restricted in my neck movements, especially as the leather was not flexible. It was hard.

Then there was the gag ball. That was the worst. i felt rivers of saliva accumulating and dripping out of my mouth, dripping into my chin, and creating friction between the leather and me... i sometimes felt like drowning. i had to swallow constantly... This affected my breathing, which became hurried and erratic.

My only connection to the world was my body, but that connection was reduced to pain, as The Mistress used this opportunity to wax, electrocute, pinch, flog, spank and cane me in always unexpected places throughout the exercise. my connection to the outside world was reduced to different degrees of pain...

As the day ended Mistress Kim gave me the news... "Prepare yourself slave santi... we will play this game from now on at least, once a week..."

To be naked in Her presence is to strip my identity and my soul for surrender. To bow before Mistress Kim is to acknowledge Her superiority in all matters.

To serve Mistress Kim is the highest calling.