Friday, 25 December 2015

Painting Project

Painting isn't something I do everyday of the week, but in an effort to have an interesting Christmas period - 2015, I decided to buy a canvas. It's quite large, probably A2, so I have my work cut out for me.

The subject of this piece of art, I have decided is religious iconography. I started a Pinterest board to give me a little inspiration.

I'd decided to add a few things that you might not find in a traditional "Madonna' image. She will be holding a Sacred Heart and to the best of my knowledge the Virgin Mary never held one of those.

I wanted it to be something I would be happy to look at everyday, as it will sit on the wall in my home. I bought fluorescent orange and pink...not sure you could say they were traditional colours either!

So far so good...

I didn't get much further with the art above but I did start, and have finished, a rubber 'pop art' picture entitled Frottage.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

London Nightlife Venues R.I.P.

It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of these nightlife venues. Thus resulting in the slow death of the London clubbing scene. 
List of London venues that have closed: 
Madame Jo Jo’s
The Coronet (set for next year)

12 Bar Club
The Fox
Sebastians & Dex
Black Cap
Astoria 2
Ben Crouch

The End
The Joiners
George & Dragon
The Nelson
First Out
Candy Bar 
Buffalo Bar 
Trash Palace
London Metro Club 
The Cross
The Key
Bar Code
Green Carnation
Purple Turtle
The Marquee 

Parker McMillan
London really is not the place to party any more. It's heartbreaking for the youngsters. There no new youth culture, no new music movement and no new clubs. 

The venues that are left are under pressure and in turn that is reflected in price of venue hire (or bar take) and this is very high. 

How much more can the capital afford to lose?

Club RUB was so lucky to have had The Garage for the last two years. Now it's at Folklore Bar, 186 Hackney Road LONDON E2 7QL. #fetishdresscodeclub

Miss Kim x

The Birth Of Rubber Cult

In the late 2000's I started to notice the rise of latex in; manufacturing, sheet latex suppliers, hood wearers and latex lovers. I made me think how nice it would be to offer a place for like minded people to come together and enjoy the rubber experience.

I started to formulate a new event in my mind.

This new event had to be something totally different though. Original. I wanted to innovate, not imitate.

Rubberists are a different kind of fetishist. They really have very different wants and needs. Plus I didn't want to replicate Club RUB (or ALL the other fetish clubs). We don't want more copy-cat clubs! It seems nobody is original anymore. Except moi!

Whilst it was obvious I could clearly run an event on my own (Club RUB is 18 years old), it was time to add some youthful flavour.

I had met Synth many times and was impressed at how much of a rubber pervert she was, plus her artistic side appealed to me.

Synth and I had the same love of rubber art. I see the creation of my rubber pieces/outfits as pure art. Plus she was a very close friend of my old friend Jan (FetishClubPix) and he always spoke so highly of her.

I ran it past Jan first, then approached her about joining me in a joint venture...a rubber-ONLY club.

It was never intended a monthly event, as I felt it had to feel special, and the best way to achieve that is to have it quarterly. Have folks get excited whilst they waited for another event to come around.

The name Rubber Cult came from out friend Jan (FetishClubPix). He was more than happy for us to use it.

So Synth and I set about coming up with new and never-seen-before ideas. We work well together and bounce new and creative ideas off each other.

This is our first logo be the very creative and talented artist Juju.

Unique to Rubber Cult:

* A gallery featuring an artist or TOG and showcasing 20 framed pieces of their work, every event (all rubber).

* Life drawing, occasionally.

* Rubber-ONLY stage shows at every event.

* A rubber-ONLY fashion show at every event. After all, we need to showcase the latex designers.

* Rubber side shows; vac bed, vac cube, rubber body ball, inflatable body bag and rubber wall. In the last three years we have replaced the vac bed and are having a new vac cube made. With a view to adding when we can afford it. Watch this space!

* We have a FULL medical installation with; rubber sheet, rubber bandages and rubber straight jacket (s/m). We are aiming to get another straight jacket in large.

* Artist-in-residence - Adam Electric.

* Free cava and gift.

* Rubber rope suspension.

* An all-inclusive community of rubbists that are ALL invited to each event.

New for Feb 2016 is the injection of more art. We feel it sets us apart from the rest and makes Rubber Cult a unique experience. A formula that has been copied worldwide.

This is our latest logo, with a slight hint at a religious cross.

Next event: Feb 6th 2016.

Website: #rubberonlydresscodeclub 

Miss KIM x