Thursday, 28 April 2016

Candle Wax, Piss And Hood Stories

Written for Miss Kim by an anonymous slave, who gave permission for them to be used (at her discretion). They are purely fictional.


As i go to sleep i will dream, i will fantasize what it would be like to be at Mistress Kim's keep. i will dream that The Mistress will lock me inside a cage to sleep. She will lovingly place a big candle on my chest. Light it up and tell me "dear slave, your Mistress wants to see all of this candle melted on your chest tomorrow when She comes to wake you up! You must be covered in wax. Think of it as your Domina's loving embrace, while you sleep. Think of it as my cum, my seed being planted on your soul... Take with pleasure this gift from Mistress Kim to you, my slave"

i will dream of my obedience and how as the candle melts and spill on my chest, my nipples, my belly button how this white fluid represents Mistress Kim's love. How it is warm and searing in my skin, marking Mistress Kim's ownership of Her slave, Her property, Her plaything... to be used at Her discretion 

i will dream how in the morning when i wake to see the imposing figure of The Mistress hovering over me, happy, satisfied to see the servant's compliance, Her submissive's surrender, Her slave's devotion as The Mistress will see me covered in Her cum, in Her gift to me, Her warm embrace.

To serve Mistress Kim is its own reward.


The Mistress has tied me to the cross. i'm inverted, upside down. i can feel the rush of blood coming to my head. It's initially a rush that feels warm to my senses. i can feel my heart beating a mile a minute in anticipation. How will i serve The Mistress today. 

The Mistress is dressed in leather from head to toe. High heels that are high as heaven and i can smell Her perfume.

The Mistress inserts a tube in my mouth and orders "You will drink this whole, regardless of being upside down and you will not spill a drop, do you understand?", yes Mistress, i comply. At the other end of the tube there is a funnel. It's at this point i see my nemesis enter the room... Mistress Ana is completely naked and coming my way. Mistress Ana is the preferred disciple of Mistress Kim and is being instructed in the ways of domination. She is cruel and mean. 

At this point Mistress Ana has placed the funnel in Her hairy pubic area and proceeds to relieve Herself. i can feel the deluge of Her urine come barreling into my mouth. It's drowning me, as i struggle to swallow due to my inverted position. i can hear them laughing and Mistress Ana says... "Not a drop you pig"... i struggle to swallow that salty liquid, dark yellow full of Her. 

Now i see Mistress Kim opening the zipper of Her leather outfit and doing the same. Relieving Her magnificent self in me. Mistress Kim's urine is sweet, no doubt aspartame was part of the drinks consumed in preparation to this event and Her urine was lighter in color. i am about to explode. As i hear the command "not a single drop!", yes Mistress Kim, Your servant is here to obey...

Then the fun really begins, as curiously enough this cross i am tied to is special. It can spin, and that it does! my tormentors make it spin at ever faster speeds... i am in agony, full of their golden gift... Nausea is setting in. 

Fortunately the spinning stops...

i am inverted again and see They have brought a number of candles into the room. Red ones, yellow, purple, blue... All sorts of colors, shapes and sizes.

Mistress Ana forces the tip of a long, purple candle into my mouth and asks me to lick it, only so She can insert it in my asshole. Meanwhile Mistress Kim places very thick white candles at the soles of my feet and orders "do not let them drop!", yes Mistress Kim, i reply. Mistress Ana has tied a blue candle to the base of my otherwise diminished manhood.

There are plenty of candles left, i see. This is when They begin an elaborate art project, for, much like Pollock they start waving the remaining candles and spilling the hot wax on my naked body. Each spray feels like i'm being whipped with a fiery belt. In comes the red wax, splash of the blue, drops of the yellow... i am Their canvas, the product of Their elaborate art project, while the white wax burns my feet and the purple, my butt

What a day!

The only pleasure is to Serve Mistress Kim.


Mistress Kim awakens me to say "you are nothing but My servant, do you hear?", yes Mistress Kim. "you have no identity other than that, do you understand?", yes Mistress Kim. She then proceeds to open the cage were i sleep naked, but for the melting candles that burn me through the night, so i can squeeze out, crawling on all fours...

As The Mistress said that, She started wrapping my head inside a black leather hood. It had straps covering the ears, the eyes and it had a gag ball appended inside. The mask had small holes to let me breathe. Mistress Kim inserted my head inside the hood, making sure the ball gag was firmly inserted in my mouth. She then proceeded to close the zipper in the back and fasten the multiple straps to isolate me from the world.

It was a strange sensation. i felt somewhat claustrophobic and disoriented and then panic set in, for i could not hear or see anything. How would i comply with The Mistress? Punishment today was guaranteed! 

It was nerve wracking not to be able to see, as i crawled on my knees, led by The Mistress, who joyfully pulled me with a chain by my collar. Mistress Kim enjoyed my situation as She led me up the stairs. i imagined She laughed at my poor attempts going up the steps, how i hit myself against the wall. 

i felt so alone. Not of this world, completely isolated, loosing all sensation and connection to the world. The Mistress was right, i was nothing, i was no one...but Her play thing, Her pet.

Her voice, thundering and an ever presence in my life could not be heard, so i was not surprised to be spanked many times throughout the whole ordeal. Since i was deaf, i was alone with my thoughts and my fears, without Her words of wisdom, of encouragement. The servant missed The Mistress's voice so much.

The smell of leather was intoxicating. It permeated my lungs as i breathed. And every so often i would panic with fear of asphyxia. Every time i would inhale, the leather mask would stick to my face, to my nose, giving me the feeling of a plastic bag covering my head.

The hood felt really tight, really warm, i could feel my head simmering in my own sweat, the moisture getting in my eyes and down the back of my head... An itching sensation i could not scratch.  i could feel my ears burning from the friction with the hood. Due to its thickness i felt somewhat restricted in my neck movements, especially as the leather was not flexible. It was hard.

Then there was the gag ball. That was the worst. i felt rivers of saliva accumulating and dripping out of my mouth, dripping into my chin, and creating friction between the leather and me... i sometimes felt like drowning. i had to swallow constantly... This affected my breathing, which became hurried and erratic.

My only connection to the world was my body, but that connection was reduced to pain, as The Mistress used this opportunity to wax, electrocute, pinch, flog, spank and cane me in always unexpected places throughout the exercise. my connection to the outside world was reduced to different degrees of pain...

As the day ended Mistress Kim gave me the news... "Prepare yourself slave santi... we will play this game from now on at least, once a week..."

To be naked in Her presence is to strip my identity and my soul for surrender. To bow before Mistress Kim is to acknowledge Her superiority in all matters.

To serve Mistress Kim is the highest calling. 

Saturday, 16 April 2016


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There is the most amazing selection, through ever genre. Including paperback novels.

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Vintage Hoods

One of my prized possessions is my collection of vintage hoods. They were bought for me by an ex boyfriend 20 years ago, for Christmas. You see, even all those years ago, I loved hoods.

They came from a BDSM shop in Shoreditch, London called Expectations. We went in one day to see our friend Ash, then the manager, he'd just had some old guy in, selling some stuff. These hoods were amongst various items. Unbeknown to me my then boyfriend purchased them and when I opened them on Christmas day, I cried.

I called the 'sheet rubber' makers Four D (now Supatex) in 2015 and asked how old the company was, they told me it was their 50th year. You see, I wanted to work out how old the hoods were, as I had come to the conclusion they were older than 'sheet rubber' or he would have made them in that.

Fascinatingly, they are all made out our car tyre inner tubes!  All except one. He has replicated armoured hoods, tribal masks and some of the iconic hoods we use today. In fact, there is Dunlop written on a couple and visible puncture repairs on others. Ten years ago I had metal brackets made and now they are on my wall at home, all seven of them, look like trophies.

Only one is framed, as it's flat. That one has been made out of thinner rubber, maybe a football bladder and it has been worn extensively. You can tell this from the numerous puncture repair ovals all around the airways. It's my belief that this was the old man's favourite, much loved and worn hood.

As the popular saying goes, "if the house was on fire and you could only grab one thing..." Well, mine would be my hoods.

Miss Kim x