Saturday, 16 July 2016

Now Is The Summer Of Our Discontent

Not really known a year like it for major events! Shockers!

Gay nightclub shooting

Trump running for office


Labour leadership race

Police slaughter in Dallas USA

Conservative resignation and appointment of the new Prime Minister

Nice slaughter

Turkish military coupe

Nice lorry slaughter

USA presidential campagne

Japanese man kills 19 disabled

Terrorist kills priest in France


Trump gets elected

Blind Mystic Who Predicted 9/11 Has Some Terrible News About 2016 - Source:

Do you remember this blind mystic from Bulgaria who managed to predict both 9/11 and ISIS?
If you haven’t heard of her before, she goes by the name of Baba Vanga and has a pretty horrible prediction for 2016. Vanga actually died in 1996 at the age of 85, but during her life she made hundreds of predictions and boasts an 85% success rate. This earned her the title of the ‘Nostradamus from the Balkans’.

Back in 1950 she managed to predict global warming, that was way before anyone knew that was it was a thing. She said “cold regions will become warm … and volcanoes will awaken”.

Vanga actually has a group of followers (disciples) and they claim that she also predicted the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. She apparently said a ‘huge wave’ would land on a “big coast, covering people and towns and [causing] everything to disappear under the water”.

It was 1989 when she predicted what would happen in New York on 9/11. She claimed that the ‘American brethren’ would be attacked by ‘two steel birds’

Unbelievably she also managed to predict that the 44th president of the United States would be an African American. However she also said the he would be the last president the country ever had, that’s a seriously chilling thought. Although if Trump gets in, he’s more of an alien, so she’d be half right there. He will probably attempt to create a dictatorship… watch this space.

An even scarier prediction Vagna made was that 2016 would be the year that European civilisation would cease to exist. She claimed that it would be invaded by Muslim terrorists who would “use chemical warfare against Europeans.”

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. With her success rate we only have a 15% chance of survival, so I suggest we fill 2016 full of sex, drugs and booze. If by some small chance we do survive, at least it will have been a bloody good year. Taken from viral