Monday, 12 December 2016

You Can't Please All The People

I've been running fetish events every month for nearly 22 years. Sometimes, you just can’t please some people! LOL And you most certainly can’t please all people, all the time.

Below are some of those common comments:

1.  Temperature

“Too hot! We’re melting!” says half those dancing, while the other half sit shivering.

Unless every single attendee stands still all night, you’ll never get this one right.

2. Too Much Going On

Yet most folks still don’t join in, but are happy to sit chatting. They complain they can’t be in two places at once. Of course, if you had less content, they’d complain about the lack of content and options too.

3. Volume

Whether it’s too loud and causes reverb around the room, or too quiet, there’s just no winning.

4. Content

Whether you’re pushing boundaries or playing it safe, someone is going to feel you’ve gone too far in one direction or the other.

5. Numbers

Getting the right number of people at your events is a tough task.

Too few, and there’s no atmosphere, with those who have turned up disappointed at the turnout; too many and it’s a cattle-market, with big queues for everything and frustrated attendees everywhere.

6. Times

We all run on different body clocks, as event timings are a prime cause of consternation. Perhaps you’re organising to start at 8.30pm? Too early! 10.30pm? Too late!

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter how early you finish, people will book their taxis before the end, ensuring the venue emptying.

7. Communication

Communication is key to a lot of things: a happy marriage; a high performing job; well informed attendees.

Yet somehow, no one reads the information. The really frustrating thing is that no number of emails, texts, public announcements or messages written in the sky, will get your message across to them.

They’ll turn up and ask "what’s planned"? Or bring the wrong ticket. Or go to the wrong venue…the list is endless. Then who’s to blame? You, of course!

8. Price

You know that you’ll never get price right for everyone, even when it’s a free event…"and should have charged"! Whether you charge a lot, a little or nothing at all, you can rest assured the price will never be right for everyone.

9. Catering

Try never to offer food. It’s a minefield!

10. Location, location, location

If only you could choose ANY venue for your event!

Just a few of the things promoters have to contend with…availability? Price constraints? In town or further out? Bar? Facilities? Close to hotels? Transport services? And the list goes on...


If you do your best and are mindful of what you can achieve…you will have hopefully pleased one set of attendees, only to find the rest are now less than impressed…just remember, do your best!

Or alternatively you could just copy what some other promoter has spent a life time to achieve. LOL

Apparently event planning is the 5th most stressful job in the world. Those who make a successful career out of it really are heroes for putting in so much effort, often behind the scenes, to keep so many people happy.

Well, I don’t know about that! I just LOVE what you do…I don’t just do it for the money! Hell…what money!!!

Miss KIM x

PS Not to mention keep the venue happy!!!

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  1. It applies to all events whatever they may be. If it rains it's your fault! Some people are never happy unless they are moaning!