Sunday, 1 January 2017

Karina Akopyan

Summer 2016 I was give a wonderful gift of art from my dear friends. A print from an artist I have admired for a while - Karina Akopyan.  I now have on my wall 'Priestess With Crucifix Teeth' limited edition print.

'Big Samovar Orgy'

Karina Akopyan was born in Moscow Russia but have lived in London since her teens when she went to Kingston University to study for a BA in art. Bold, provocative and multi-layered, Karina Akopyan's use of bizarre symbolism and fetishistic subject matter. Im less interested in those influences but intrigued and delighted in the use of  Russian Orthodox iconography. The two genres work together for me in presenting a world of pain, euphoria, frustration, sexual fantasies, memories, and aspirations. Karina describes her work as her own unorthodox confession.

Martyrs & Matryoshkas features painting, photography, sculpture, installations and a selection of costume pieces, the series is a bold questioning of tradition, religion, ritual, iconography, sexuality and fetishism – in all their contradictory coexistence yet believable convergence. Of course, I’m a fetishist and a lover of religious iconography…I’m going to think it works!

Just recently she had her firstJust recently she had her first solo show "Martyrs & Matryoshkas" from 8th-18th December 2016. Truman Brewery, unit 11, Dray Walk, Ely's Yard, London E1 6QL.

Karina is her own art and whenever she attend an alternative fashion club she will create a new piece. 

Sculpture and 3D art, such as this mannequin doll.

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